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    Simcha Central has now created its sister company – Simcha Central Directory A Jewish Directory with everything related to planning a Simcha, being part of a Simcha, or simply looking for a present on the occasion of a Simcha. Whether that is the celebration of a birth, a birthday, an engagement, wedding or anniversary including charity and corporate events. Continuing to blend traditional elements with fresh ideas thinking inside and outside the box, We aim to provide an informative site where we include important key information that is often not made readily available elsewhere, never easy to find and is always needed to be requested before you can take that crucial next step. For Example:-

    • Is the venue licensed for Jewish weddings to take place?
    • If a venue or florist has a Chuppah available?
    • The prices for a venue when you bring in a Kosher Caterer?
    • Which suppliers in the food industry are under the Beth Din?
    • How many people can have a seated meal when there is a dance floor and stage area?
    • Where you can find personalised Ketubah’s, Yarmulkes or gifts?
    • Where you can find a cover for the glass you’re about to smash?
    • Plus ideas on what to do with them after and much more.

    We will also provide you with options that are traditional, new, revived and out of the box so you have all the information in one place and the choice is yours.

    “We remember the little things that make a big difference”

    Simcha Central put its trust in their suppliers and wants current, potential and future clients to do the same. Giving you the choice to use the directory to source the suppliers to make your Simcha complete. If you have any questions you wish to ask an expert, with no commitment to using the services they offer and with no cost click here. As a company we review, research and contact all companies that wish to post on the directory ensuring they meet the high standard we pride ourselves in providing to our clients. If you want to find out more about us as a company and our endorser I & M Caterers, please go to About Us or head over to the Client Zone to find out who the newest suppliers joining the directory are, plus all our suppliers’ latest News and Offers. You can also join our mailing list and receive a newsletter once a week. Not forgetting current, potential and future Suppliers for everything you need to know about the Simcha Central Directory there is a place for you to go to – Do not feel left out – Making it simple and easy to understand – Head to the Supplier Zone, view the listing profiles available and see how to get the most out of the directory. From the Simcha Central Directory Team Welcome! And Enjoy